Verge Entertainment

Shawn is a partner and co-founder of Verge Entertainment, a New York-based multimedia production company.

With partners Joseph Phillip Illidge, former Batman editor for DC Entertainment, and Milo Stone, videogame developer, Shawn has developed an extensive library of intellectual properties created for live-action and animated television and film, videogames, graphic novels, and web-based entertainment.

Verge Entertainment’s films have appeared in various festivals throughout the country, winning a number of awards, including awards for Best Feature and Editing. Festivals include The American Black Film Festival, The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, The Washington, DC International Film Festival, The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, The Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival, and The Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Verge Entertainment produced the commercial fund-raiser trailer for the Howard Theatre Restoration Project. From conceiving the idea and creating the storyboards, to shooting on location in Washington, D.C. and handling the production and post-production, Shawn and his partners developed the trailer, which served as an integral marketing element in bringing The Howard Theatre back to life, leading to the theater’s grand reopening in 2012.

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