FIBDA 2023 / Algiers

Shawn was a featured guest at the FIBDA International Comic Book Festival in Algiers. As an official invitee of the U.S. Embassy, with fellow artists Alitha Martinez and Sara Wooley, Shawn lectured at the American International School, the art universities Ecole Supérieur Des Beaux Arts D’alger and Artissimo Hub Créatif and visited with patients at the children’s cancer ward at the Hôpital Mustapha Pacha.

Shawn met with the U.S. Ambassador to Algiers Elizabeth Moore Aubin and spoke about his career at the American Culture Center at the U.S. Embassy. Copies and posters of Shawn’s books, “Judge Kim and The Kids Court (Simon & Schuster), “Like Lava In My Veins” ( Nancy Paulsen Books / Penguin Random House) and “Red Hood” (DC Comics) were given to attendees and students.