Writer Andy Diggle and Shawn discuss the final chapter of the Sci-Fi thriller “Prometheé 13:13” with SYFY Wire. The prequel is based on “Prometheé”, the celebrated French bande dessineé / graphic novel series by Christophe Bec. “Prometheé 13:13” is presented by French publisher  Delcourt-Soleil and ComiXolgy, an Amazon company.

Cover art by Jock.



DMZ lands at HBO MAX

HBO Max orders “DMZ”, a Vertigo/DC Comics adaptation from executive producer Ava DuVernay as a four-part limited series. Shawn illustrated a two part story arc for the original graphic novel series written by co-creator Brian Wood.



The CW’s BATWOMAN adds “The Whisper”

The CW’s “Batwoman” second season adds “The Whisper” based on the character “Whisper A’Daire”, co-created by Shawn and writer Greg Rucka (The Old Guard/Stumptown) during their run on “Batman/Detective Comics” published by DC Comics.



The School of Visual Arts Interview

The School of Visual Arts interviews Shawn about being a featured guest contributor to Vanity Fair’s “The Great Fire” special issue, guest edited by renowned journalist and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.




Shawn is a featured contributor to the September issue of Vanity Fair. This special edition explores art, activism, and power in 21st-century America and is guest edited by renowned journalist and writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates .




Fiorello H. LaGuardia Graduation Commencement Address

As a proud alumni of Fiorello H. Laguardia High School For Music, Art, & The Performing Arts, Shawn gave a virtual commencement address to the graduating class of 2020.

Photo by Ramon Gil.


SVA lists “Prométhée 13:13” as a graphic novel to read during the quarantine

The School of Visual Arts features Shawn’s ” Prométhée 13:13″, by French publisher Editions Delcourt & Comixology, on their list of top graphic novels to read during the COVID-19 quarantine.




The celebrated imprint Abrams ComicArts launches Megascope, the new line of graphic novels curated by award-winning and New York Times bestselling author and artist John Jennings. Shawn will write and illustrate one of Megascope’s two debut titles, the noir thriller “The Heavy”.

The graphic novel will be published in black & white with spot colors and lettering by comic industry veterans Christopher Sotomayor and John Workman.

“The Heavy” will be released in 2021.



How Milestone Comics Reshaped The Comics Industry

Shawn discusses what made Milestone Media so unique and its impact on the comics industry along with friends and colleagues in “How Milestone Comics Reshaped The Comics Industry / Behind The Panel by SYFY WIRE.



Nancy Paulsen Books / Penguin Young Readers

Shawn is the artist of a new children’s book written by multi-award winning and New York Times best-selling author Derrick D. Barnes and publisher Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin Young Readers.

Featured with YA Literary agent Regina Brooks, VP & Executive Art Director Cecilia Yung and Nancy Paulsen.


Algiers International Comics Festival

Shawn was a featured guest at the 12th Algiers International Comics Festival (FIBDA). Coordinated through the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, Shawn joined fellow artists from various countries, participating in workshops, press conferences and panel discussions. The theme of the 2019 festival was “Superheroes in Algiers.” FIBDA also celebrated the 80th anniversary of Batman and Shawn’s time illustrating the iconic character.




Far Sector / DC Comics

Shawn created the original design for new character, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein and illustrated the variant cover for the premiere issue of “Far Sector” published by DC Comics. Written by the multi-award-winning, science fiction author N. K. Jemison with art by Jamal Campbell, “Far Sector” marks the debut of the dynamic, new Green Lantern to the DC Universe.

Cover colors by Adriano Lucas.



MEYER / Humanoids

Shawn designed and illustrated cover art for the new graphic novel, “MEYER”.

Published by Humanoids and written by Jonathan Lang, “MEYER”  imagines a world in which the legendary Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky faked his own death from lung cancer in the early 1980s and is pulled out of retirement for one last job. Interior art for “MEYER” is by Andrea Mutti.

Cover colors by Andre Syzmanowicz.



Moonrakers 2020 : Stacey Abrams

Shawn contributed artwork to actress and political activist Erika Alexander’s new piece for “Zora and The Blackness Present Moonrakers 2020” celebrates extraordinary women of color who are changing the world. Shawn illustrated political activist and author Stacey Abrams, joining other artists such as Tony Puryear, Sheeba Maya, John Jennings, Shawna Mills and Ashley Woods. Each illustration accompanies a profile piece by Erika Alexander, Joy Reid, and Dr. William J. Barber, among others.



The School of Visual Arts Interview

The School of Visual Arts interviews BFA Illustration alumni Shawn about his career highlights, current and future projects.


Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan / “Prométhée 13:13″ cover art by Jock.



SYFY Wire’s Karama Horne interviews writer Andy Diggle and Shawn about their new Sci-Fi graphic novel, “Prométhée 13:13″. Based on “Prométhée“, one of the most popular Bandes dessinées in recent history by writer/artist Christophe Bec and French publisher Delcourt, “Prométhée 13:13″ can found exclusively at ComiXology.



Thief of Thieves: Season One coming to Switch

 “Shawn Martinbrough, the artist behind the Thief of Thieves comic, provided concepts behind many of the new living breathing characters brought to life by such voice actors like Fryda Wolff (Mass Effect: Andromeda), Stephen Stanton (Rogue One), Emily O’Brien (Death Stranding), Cissy Jones (Firewatch, The Walking Dead: Season 1), Fred Tatasciore (Kung-Fu Panda 2), and Elias Toufexis (Deus Ex: Human Revolution).”-Skybound Games



“Prométhée 13:13” at San Diego Comic Con

Shawn’s latest graphic novel project “Prométhée 13:13” debuted at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con. Presented by ComiXology and French publisher Delcourt, “Prométhée 13:13” is a prequel to the acclaimed series of French graphic novels “Prométhée” by writer/artist Christophe Bec.

Shawn illustrates an original story written by Andy Diggle (James Bond, Thief of Thieves) with colors by Dave Stewart (Hellboy, DC: The New Frontier), lettering by Simon Bowland (Detective Comics #1000) and covers by Jock (Detective Comics, The Batman Who Laughs).

 “Prométhée 13:13” is edited by Will Dennis (100 Bullets, Y: The Last Man) and will premiere exclusively on the digital comic platform ComiXology, an Amazon company.

READ MORE at the Hollywood Reporter

Photo by Jason Scott Jones.


Society of Illustrators

Original artwork from Shawn’s time as the regular artist of “Detective Comics” (1999-2001) will be on display at the prestigious Society of Illustrators, “Illustrating Batman: Eighty Years of Comics and Pop Culture” exhibition. The exhibit runs from June-October in New York City.



“Masters Of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World’s Premier Graphic Storytellers”

Shawn gives readers a window into his art studio in the new book, “Masters Of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World’s Premier Graphic Storytellers” by Insight Editions and Joel Meadows.  Through dynamic photography and exclusive interviews, Masters of Comics offers a rare look at the creative processes and studios of comic book industry greats such as Rafael Albuquerque, Frank Quitely, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson Milo Manara, Mike Kaluta and many more.

All photos of Shawn “in studio” were shot by acclaimed photographer Joy Asico.



“Thief of Thieves” series finale

After forty three issues, Shawn’s acclaimed crimes series “Thief of Thieves” with Robert Kirkman (Co-Creator of “The Walking Dead”) comes to a close. Following past story arcs written by Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, James Asmus and Andy Diggle, writer Brett Lewis (The Wintermen) completes the journey of the worlds greatest thief, Conrad Paulson aka “Redmond”. Published by Skybound Entertainment.


President Barack Obama Portrait

Shawn’s portrait of the 44th President of the United States, signed by Barack Obama.


Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman Deluxe Edition

DC Comics celebrates “Detective Comics” amazing eight-decade run and Batman’s 80 years, with this deluxe edition. The debut issue of Shawn’s run as the regular artist of “Detective Comics” (1999-2001) is reprinted alongside classic stories by Bill Finger, Denny O’Neil,  Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, Brad Meltzer, Scott Snyder, Paul Levitz and others.

This special collector’s edition also features the very first Batman story; the debuts of classic sidekicks and allies like Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman and even Bat-Mite; and the first stories of archvillains Two-Face, the Riddler and Man-Bat.



Batman Beyond Variant Cover

Colors by Andre Szymanowicz.



Limited Edition “Promethee 13:13” Poster at Angoulême, France

The all-star Promethee 13:13 creative team of Andy Diggle, Shawn Martinbrough and Jock, along with Promethee original creator, Christophe Bec, appeared with the Delcourt Group at Angoulême to sign an exclusive, limited edition poster illustrated by Shawn, with colors by Jock.
The Promethee team along with comiXology Originals Head of Content, Chip Mosher and Directeur Editorial at Delcourt Group, Jean Wacquet, discussed the upcoming comic series during the Past, Present and Future: Promethee 13:13 panel at the Conservatory Gabriel Fauré in Angoulême, France.
NYTimes article on Angouleme

DC Comics Archives

During a tour of the DC Comics headquarters in Burbank, Los Angeles, Shawn was shown that his past work on “Batman: Detective Comics”, “The Creeper”, “Static” and more, has been collected in the official DC Comics Archives.

Photos by Roger Rivera.



Producer and Contributing Editor Karama Horne interviews Shawn on his artistic influences, career highlights and future projects.



California African American Museum

Shawn joined fellow artist Robert Pruitt in a conversation at the California African American Museum. The two discussed Pruitt’s current exhibit, the ways in which his imagery explores the complexities of contemporary black identity and Shawn’s approach to visual storytelling as author of How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling and various projects including Batman, Luke Cage Noir, The Black Panther and Thief of Thieves.

Photos by @HRDWRKER.



AP-Stan Lee’s legacy of representation in comics

Shawn joins writer Alex Simmons in reflecting on Stan Lee’s legacy of representation in comics for the Associated Press.



The Washington Post

Shawn was interviewed by the Washington Post on the topic of kids dressing up as the “Black Panther” for Halloween. Joining fellow artists and writers who have depicted the iconic Marvel Comics character, Shawn discussed the virtues of children and families of all ethnicities reveling in the world of Wakanda.



Prométhée 13:13

French publisher Delcourt and leading digital comics distributor Comixology (an Amazon company) announce “Prométhée 13:13”, a prequel to celebrated writer/artist Christophe Bec’s beloved sci-fi bande dessinée, with the all-new creative team of writer Andy Diggle, artist Shawn Martinbrough, and cover artist Jock. The team appeared at the New York Comic Con, signing exclusive, limited edition prints and giving interviews to promote the series which will debut in 2019.




“Shawn Martinbrough’s work on iconic characters such as Batman, Captain America, Luke Cage, the Black Panther and Hellboy has been seen across the globe. From his work on the “Thief of Thieves” to helping create characters seen on movies such as “Deadpool” and “Justice League,” there’s no way you haven’t seen his work in some capacity.”

USA TODAY caught up with Shawn to talk about everything from Comic Con and James T. Kirk to the frustration of not being able to find work and the humbling power of storytelling.


Photo by Dwayne Crawford.


Lucas Museum of Narrative Art / Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair profiles the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and spotlights Shawn’s headlining the new Lucas Museum Summer Studio, an art educational program for teenagers.



“Hellboy and The B.P.R.D 1955: Secret Nature”

“Despite a quarter-century of professional comic-book illustrating — and having drawn some of the most popular superheroes ever — artist Shawn Martinbrough still had a “bucket list” character who had escaped the lines of his pencils for so many years.

“Hellboy”, the stone-handed, horned creation of Mike Mignola, had always been one of Martinbrough’s favorite characters. Mignola’s early years drawings for Marvel and DC Comics were a heavy influence on Martinbrough as a young artist.”-The Washington Post



Walt Disney Animation Studios

During his Summer Studio program with the George Lucas Foundation and Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Shawn was invited to speak about his career as an artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.


“Thief of Thieves: Season One” exclusive SDCC poster

Shawn designed the exclusive 2018 San Diego Comic Con poster for the “Thief of Thieves: Season One” video game from Skybound Entertainment and Finnish independent game studio Rival Games. Based on the acclaimed graphic novel series “Thief of Thieves” from Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and Shawn, the video game features the solo adventures of “Celia”, one of its lead characters. Shawn worked closely with CEO of Rival Games Jukka Laakso on the approach to the poster image, opting to focus solely on the female protagonist in the style of a grand feature film one sheet.



The Ed Asner Family Center Benefit Auction

Along with comic industry greats Kevin Nowlan, Alex Ross, Sam Kieth and Bill Sienkiewicz, Shawn contributed original artwork to raise funds for The Ed Asner Family Center. Founded by veteran television actor Ed Asner, best known for his roles on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Lou Grant”, his son Matthew and daughter-in-law, the center supports programs and education for special-needs children and their families. The art sale was held by Heritage Auctions.



School of Visual Arts Alumni Black Panther Panel

As part of their After School Special: The 2018 Film & Animation Festival, the School of Visual Arts presented a special 3D screening of “Black Panther”. Following the film, Shawn joined fellow SVA alums, feature film animator Ruel Smith and visual effects artist Wendi Harris Wu for a Q&A about Black Panther, moderated by Maya Mendonca.

Photos by Hallie Easley and Ayanna Ross-Martinbrough.


Lockheed Martin

Shawn was a featured speaker at the 2018 Lockheed Martin Center for Leadership Excellence Communications Summit.

His presentation explored the importance of representation in media, diversifying ones thinking, creating bold images and campaigns.


“Ricanstruction: Reminiscing and Rebuilding Puerto Rico” Anthology

Shawn contributed original artwork to the benefit anthology “Ricanstruction: Reminiscing and Rebuilding Puerto Rico” featuring the superhero “La Borinqueña”, created and published by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez.

The graphic novel project, in partnership with DC Comics, will raise funds for the citizens and rebuilding of Puerto Rico.

Colors by Christopher Sotomayor.



100 Black Men of America Conference

Shawn joined fellow artist and author, Jerry Craft as featured speakers at the 32nd Annual Conference of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. The two headlined the 2018 Youth Summit Workshop, speaking to students about their unique approaches to art and respective careers as professional artists.


“Shawn Martinbrough: Storyteller” exhibit at The Society of Illustrators

Running May 4th to July 21st, Shawn’s first gallery show opens at the prestigious Society of Illustrators in New York.   The exhibition spans Shawn’s career creating and illustrating characters for Marvel, DC Comics, Skybound/ Image, Darkhorse and others. Original artwork from projects such as “Thief of Thieves”, “Black Panther: Man Without Fear”,  “Luke Cage Noir”, “Batman: Detective Comics”, “Hellboy”and more will be on display in addition to commercial illustration work and pieces from Shawn’s acclaimed art instruction book, “How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling”.


Photos by Dwayne Crawford.



Shawn was a featured speaker at TEDx MidAtlantic: SUPERPOWERS. Held at Sydney Harman Hall in Washington, D.C., Shawn’s talk explored his becoming an artist, illustrating iconic characters for Marvel and DC Comics  and representation in the media.



BBC World News America

BBC World News America Correspondent Jane O’Brien interviews Shawn in his studio. The two discuss Shawn’s approach to drawing “The Black Panther” for Marvel Comics and his artistic process as a comic book illustrator.


Photos by Joy Asico.


The Pentagon

Shawn was invited to speak to Air Force officers at the Pentagon about his career as an artist, drawing iconic comic book characters and the importance of representation.


Photos by Miranda Drummond and Official Air Force Photographer Andy Morataya.


ABC 7 News

ABC 7 News Adrianna Hopkins and Michelle Marsh interview Shawn about his time drawing the Black Panther for Marvel Comics and the significance of Marvel Studios “The Black Panther” film.



“Black Panther: The Man Without Fear”-The Complete Collection

Marvel collects Shawn’s acclaimed “Black Panther: The Man Without Fear” story arc in a new Complete Collection.

Along with celebrated artists Francesco Francavilla, Palo, Mike Oeming and Simone Bianchi, Shawn illustrated the final chapter of the series written by David Liss.



NBC Universal Panel

Shawn joined fellow comic book creators Jason Scott Jones, Micheline Hess and Kwanza Osajyefo as a featured guest of NBC Universal’s “Defining Moments in the Arts: Celebrating The Superheroes of Our Time” event. The panel was organized by Jason Scott Jones and NBC’s Black Employee Network at 30 Rockefeller Center and moderated by Karama Horne, Contributing Editor/Producer at SYFYWire.


Photos by Milo Stone.


University of Michigan / Stamps School of Art & Design

Shawn was a guest speaker at the 2018 University of Michigan Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium.

In addition to his lecture at the Stamps School of Art & Design, Shawn filmed a segment demonstrating his process of translating script to a comic book layout.

Photos by Stephanie Brown & Jon Clark.



Romics Golden Career Achievement Award

Shawn accepting a Romics Golden Career Achievement Award with legendary artist, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri and Star Wars/ILM Design Supervisor, Kevin Jenkins in Rome, Italy.

Photos by Andrea Laureani.


Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation : Careers In Entertainment Tour

 Shawn joined fellow panelists, actress Regina Hall, Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain, Theater Agent, CAA Kevin Lin, Executive Producer Michael Bederman, SVP of Creative Affairs and Overbrook Entertainment Caleeb Pinkett to launch the Careers In Entertainment Tour (CIE). Held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY., the Careers In Entertainment Tour is an initiative of the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. The event hosted approximately 600 youth from NYC Public Schools and colleges who gained an insightful perspective of alternative careers within the entertainment industry through panel discussions moderated by actor, author, and activist Hill Harper.

Photos by Andrew Toth/Getty Images


Fox’s “The Gifted” Casts Marvel Mutant “Shatter”

The cast of Fox’s “The Gifted” expands with the addition of actor Jermaine Rivers as the Marvel Comics mutant “Shatter”.

Introduced in 2002 in Marvel’s “Morlocks” mini-series, the mutant known as “Shatter” is a member of the Chicago based Morlocks co-created by Shawn and Geoff Johns, writer, producer and former Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.



VIDEO: Paris Comic Con Interview

Interview from the Paris Comic Con with artist Shawn Martinbrough and actor Mike Colter on Marvel’s iconic character “Luke Cage”, “Luke Cage Noir” and the hit Netflix series.  (Watch the video below)


Shawn joins the Paris Comic Con “Luke Cage” panel, with actor Mike Colter and costume designer Stephanie Maslansky, to discuss the iconic Marvel character and his acclaimed mini-series “Luke Cage Noir”.



Shawn contributes original artwork featuring American icons Ida B. Wells and Mae Jemison to “FEMME MAGNIFIQUE”. 

Co-created by former Vertigo Books Editor-In-Chief  Shelly Bond, the graphic novel anthology showcases inspirational comic-book stories about powerful women in science, politics, and the arts.

Shawn joins an A-list of writers and artists, including those published by Random House, Marvel, DC Comics, Image & IDW, New York Times best-selling authors and TED speakers to bring “FEMME MAGNIFIQUE” to life.



BET Commentary: “Why Luke Cage Matters”

Shawn reflects on his time drawing the Harlem superhero, “Luke Cage” and the importance of representation in this editorial for

Read the full article.


“Thief of Thieves” Cover Process

Shawn discusses his ten favorite “Thief of Thieves” covers and the creative process behind each image with journalist Tim O’Shea for CBR.



Society of Illustrators: Will Eisner Scholar Competition

Shawn was invited to serve as a judge on the 2017 Society of Illustrator’s “Will Eisner Scholar” competition.

The Society hosts the event on behalf of the Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation and the scholarship is awarded to students across the country for their outstanding work in illustration and sequential art.

Photos by Breann McGovern




THE NEW YORK TIMES: Still in Love With Comic Books, and Now With Her, Too

The New York Times covers the wedding of Shawn Martinbrough and Ayanna Ross, Esq.

Read the full article at

Comic book creators unite for ‘Love Is Love’ to honor victims of Orlando attack

To honor the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Shawn contributes artwork to the graphic novel anthology, “Love is Love”.

Joining industry titans Brian Michael Bendis, Gail Simone, Grant Morrison, Paul Dini, Jim Lee and Mark Millar, Shawn donates artwork to the NYTimes bestseller with all proceeds going to benefit the victims and survivors of the tragedy.



A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King-The Annex in Chicago

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, Shawn partners with Havas Advertising to showcase his artwork with quotes from the civil right activist.

On display at The Annex in Chicago, Shawn’s black and white artwork creates a bold visual statement underscoring the powerful words of civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King.




 Actress Gina Carano plays “Angel Dust”, co-created by Shawn and Geoff Johns, writer, producer and former Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, in the FOX feature film “DEADPOOL”.

The character first appeared in the “X-Men” themed mini-series,”The Morlocks” published by Marvel Comics.




Read the Full Interview at


EW.COM: Comixology Announces Creator Trading Cards

tradingcards“Comics are a visual medium filled with both colorful and memorable characters, some of whom have been around for decades. They would be nothing, however, without the creators making it all happen behind the scenes.  To celebrate these talented men and women, Comixology will be distributing “Comic Book All-Stars” trading cards at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.”-Entertainment Weekly

Read the Full Story at EW


NPR / Facebook Live Interview

NPR’s Tanya Ballard Brown interviews Shawn in his studio about his graphic novel series “Thief of Thieves,” art and comics.

See how Shawn translates the script to page for “Thief of Thieves”.




Artist Shawn Martinbrough talks about working in the comic book industry — and growing its diversity.

Read the Full Washington Post Interview


VIDEO: Scion/Skybound Overview with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman & “Thief of Thieves” artist Shawn Martinbrough

In this interview with Scion, Robert Kirkman gives an overview of his company, Skybound Entertainment. Best known as the creator of “The Walking Dead”, the hugely successful comic book and TV show, Kirkman works with creators like Shawn to tell stories in various genres and platforms.


VIDEO: Scion interview with Skybound / “Thief of Thieves” artist Shawn Martinbrough

Check out a behind the scenes look as artist Shawn Martinbrough creates a priceless depiction of the upcoming Scion iA, set in the world of the comic book “Thief of Thieves”.


“How To Draw Noir Comics” Korean Edition

Hans Media acquires the Korean language rights to Shawn’s art instruction book, “How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling” published by Random House.

The Korean publisher has also licensed Stan Lee’s “How to Draw Superheroes” and “Super Scary Mochimochi”.


13th Dimension Interview

13th Dimension interviews Shawn on drawing the Big 25th issue of his acclaimed Skybound/IMAGE series, “Thief of Thieves”.



Comic Book Resources Interview

Comic Book Resources interviews Shawn about illustrating the dramatic 25th issue of his acclaimed series “Thief of Thieves” with writers Robert Kirkman and Andy Diggle.



Naples Comicon nominates “Thief of Thieves” for Best Series

“Thief of Thieves” nominated for “Best Foreign Series” by The Naples Comicon in Italy. 

The candidates for this years award have been selected by the editors of some of the most important web portals of comics in Italy such as Fumettologica, MangaForever and White Space.



Newer Entries